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CrCl Calculation example

Cockcroft - Gault Equation

Easy calculation of eGFR on Apple Watch

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Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with Google Cast

Chromecast Technical Solutions Engineer, Kevin Nilson, talks about Chrome Sender App development and HTML5/JavaScript Receiver development in this ...



What The Blogs Don’t Tell You About Frameworks

Opinions: everyone on the internet has one on the best JS framework for your project. How do you decide? Lean how to ask the right questions, and consider the ...

Smart, Interoperable, & Accessible UIs

There are many challenges in tech today to create the “perfect UI” that works seamlessly for everyone. This talk outlines best practices to help provide people ...

cocroft gault equation

Hello ~ this is my first tutorial to help you while studying pharmacist or any medical students. please leave a comment if u have any suggestion or request. like, ...

How-to use Temporary Variables in the Risk Calculator Constructor

This video demonstrates how to use temporary variables in the Risk Calculator Constructor ( Temporary variables allow things like the ...

The Present & Future of Web Development

Over the years the browser has evolved, but as the potential grows so too does complexity. Benoit Marchant talks about the current state of development and ...

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