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Did not like the app, there are issues and was very disappointed. I’ll stick with foursquare

My new favorite social media platform

Love the app, its a perfect hybrid between Yelp and Facebook.

Really User Friendly

I love the Circle feature! It’s a great way to either segment my groups of friends with a private group or expand the range of reviews I can see with a public group!

Best way to review!

Easy way for me to see what my friends like!

crashes when you click on "My Profile"

Everytime I open up the app and click on "My Profile" it will crash and close the app. I have a 6S Plus IOS 10.3.3

See What Friends Think!

A collection of reviews from the people I care most about

No good

Tried downloading and it was really buggy, the interface is very poor. Not worth downloading

Do not download!!

Do not download. A complete waste of time. Very buggy, bad interface and just horrible.

Didnt like

Checked it out and was not impressed at all. Interface wasnt well laid out. Hoping it might be useful but was incorrect

Dont download

This app is really poorly made. Interface is a mess and has many bugs. Yelp is a million times better

Nice app!

Good alternative for yelp, great to see what my friends like to do

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